DAT LoadBoard For Truckers


LoadBoard for Truckers or LB4T is a mobile app that helps Truckers have access to the LoadBoard on the go. The main goal of LB4T is to display loads and their details in a simple, clean way.


I worked on designing the trial/demo experience on the app where users can try out the app with limited functionality to see if they want to subscribe to the paid version. I collaborated with our Product Analyst to monitor usage metrics to see the translation of the customers from free to paid users.


Working with Business Goals

We had lots of collaboration with the Sales and Marketing teams to make sure we were addressing the business goals of the product. Figuring out the start and endpoints of the customer experience was a necessary step in determining how a user of our free product could be convinced to become a paid subscriber. The Trial Demo was an easy, low-cost way to demonstrate the features of the subscription.


There were three different ways to implement a Trial Demo experience: Unlimited searches with hidden details, "Freemium" with free search credits and Unlimited searches with fixed parameters.