Hello there!

Thanks for checking out my portfolio.

My Passions

I love technology which is evident by my degree in Computer Science. I love how humans interact with technology. My shift to Human-Computer Interaction was prompted by a course in Ergonomics and Human Factors where I discovered how much I liked making technology easy for everyone. User behavior intrigues me and I love learning how humans behave and why they behave in that sense. Simplicity and Understand-ability are two things I love working on. Everyone can and should be able to enjoy technology.

My Skills

I consider myself at the middle of the Design-Research spectrum. Why? User Experience research is essential for User Experience Design. UX Design is the realization of UX Research without which Research remains a process.



  • the 90s

    Hello World.

  • 2011

    Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering

  • 2015

    Masters in Human Computer Interaction

  • 2017

    Be awesome in the UX field